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Dr. Bob Stewart taught three undergraduate and two graduate oceanography courses at Texas A&M University before he retired in 2009. The class websites are available to students enrolled in the classes, as well as the general public.

Among the resources contained in the sites below are full course notes, suggested links, and homework assignments for the presently offered courses. The same material is provided for two graduate level courses he taught in the past, plus complete lectures in MP3 audio format for the graduate-level physical oceanography course (OCNG-608). The four letter plus three number code refer to course numbers in the Texas A&M University catalog.

If you would like to use the material to teach your own course please contact Bob Stewart.
The material is widely used at other universities, and we welcome your participation.

Class links:

Upper-Division Undergraduate Course

Introduction to Oceanography
(OCGN 401)

Graduate Courses

Survey of Oceanography
(OCNG 600)

Physical Oceanography
(OCGN 608)

Upper-Division Undergraduate Course

Introduction to Physical Oceanography
(OCGN 410)

Lower-Division Undergraduate Course

Introduction to
Environmental Geosciences
(GEOS 105)

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