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Physical Oceanography
Course Information for Spring 2004

Tuesday and Thursday 11:10AM to 12:25PM
Room 1209 Oceanography and Meteorology Building

Instructor: Robert Stewart
Office & Telephone: 624 O&M, 979.845.2995.
I am in most days from 8:00AM to 5:30PM. I'm always willing to drop what I am doing to talk with you.


Class time will be more productive if we all come prepared.

  1. Please read the notes that apply to that day before coming to class.
  2. Your grade will depend, in part, on your participation in the class discussion.


We will use class notes instead of a textbook. The readily available texts are way out of date, and the notes have much more recent information. I will put one copy of the class notes in the working collection in Room 1103 of the O&M Building. You can get your copy at Kinko's in College Station for the cost of reproduction, $17 tax included for a 356-page bound document. Just ask for Stewart's OCNG-608 Notes.

Homework and Laboratory

I have chosen homework and laboratory exercises based on the problems discussed in class. The ideas covered in the homework and labs may be included in quizzes. Because oceanography depends critically on the interpretation and analysis of data collected at sea or from space, you will have an opportunity to explore data through laboratory work.

  1. Homework and labwork may be done by teams of two or three students depending on class size. I have found that students learn more through discussions with other students. Each of you bring a different perspective and knowledge to the team, and by working together you can benefit from your teammate's skills.
  2. Homework and lab work will be assigned one week before it is due. Homework and lab work is usually due on Monday. Your grade will be reduced 15% for each week, or part of a week, your assignment is late.
  3. The laboratory work will introduce you to typical sets of data keyed to material covered in the lectures. Lab material is available through the internet, and it can be processed on any computer. Laboratory reports will be graded Satisfactory (S), or Unsatisfactory(U). You are encouraged to redo the lab to change a U to an S.


Quizzes will test your ability to think critically about issues discussed in class.

  1. I will give three quizzes, the 3rd quiz will be during finals week.
  2. All quizzes will be open book. You may consult books, notes, homework, and lab material during the quizzes.
  3. The final quiz will examine your ability to apply all material discussed during the course to the solution of problems with some emphasis on material from the last third of the course.
  4. If you do very poorly on any question in the first two quizzes, you may redo the question to improve your score for that question. Any question scored below 75% can be redone to receive a 75% score, up to a total score of 75% for the quiz.
  5. Schedule:
    • Quiz 1: September 24, 2001
    • Quiz 2: February 12, 2004
    • Final Examination: May 11, 2004: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Your grade will be based on:

  1. participation in class discussions (10%),
  2. homework (30%),
  3. two quizzes (30%),
  4. and a final exam (30%)

Revised on: 5 September, 2004

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