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Technology-Lab Station #2:

Independent Learning (Teams)

Description: In this station students can develop competencies in responsible and collaborative learning. Computer software and manipulatives may be used at this station to aid in independent learning.

Student Materials: Students will need their journal/notebooks and text (if any).

Station Equipment and Materials:

If you have only one computer, it should go here. Computer software, manipulatives (as needed), and books related to topic under study should be here.

  • Low-tech - chalkboard/chalk or white board/markers
  • Mid-tech - overhead projector and transparencies
  • High-tech - computer with Power Point presentation

Activities: Students should be involved in independent research via web sites, CD-ROMs, and books. The teacher can provide a list of preferred sites for students to visit or provide whatever CD-Roms and/or software the students are expected to use. Programs like TRACK STAR can be used if you feel it is necessary to monitor or control the students' activities on the computer.

State Standards: Listed here should be any state standards your state may require you to address at a particular grade level such as the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) document.

National Standards and Benchmarks: Listed here should be standards suggested by the aforementioned documents.

Assessment: Students can create an annotated bibliography of the web sites, CD-ROMs, and books they have researched as a means of assessment. Their final research product will serve as an assessment item.