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Technology-Lab Station #6:

Problem-Solving (Teams)

Description: Either as an individual or in a collaborative effort, students work with a variety of media technologies that can be used as learning resources for doing research and gathering more information.

Student Materials: Each student brings notebooks/journal and writing implement. All other materials will be listed as needed.

Station Equipment and Materials: Students experience a variety of media equipment such as:

  • Audio tape player/recorder #
  • Video cassette player ~
  • Computers *
  • Cam corders *
  • Filmstrip viewer/projector ~
  • Laser disc player *
  • Audio tapes #
  • Video tapes ~
  • Filmstrips ~
  • CD-ROM discs *
  • Videodiscs *
  • Digital cameras *

* denotes high-tech
~ denotes mid-tech
# denotes low-tech

Activities: see Station equipment and Materials above.

State Standards: Listed here should be any state standards your state may require you to address at a particular grade level such as the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) document.

National Standards and Benchmarks: Listed here should be standards suggested by the aforementioned documents.

Assessment: Some assessment and accountability products from this station are student notes from a video or filmstrip, quizzes, completed workbook lessons (like those that often accompany laser discs), graphs, charts and other data processing information received from the audio-visual presentations.