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Technology-Lab Station #7:

Problem-Solving (Teams)

Description: This station is designed to give students time to finish tasks from other stations or for whole-team learning. This station is conducive to independent work time. It is a flexible station that can serve many purposes.

Student Materials: Will vary according to which task/s student/s need to complete.

Station Equipment and Materials: This will vary with student's needs or the instructor's assignment.

Activities: Activities may include students:

  • Doing research with an electronic database (spreadsheets, charts, graphs, etc.)
  • Working on projects
  • Completing whole-group instruction activity
  • Preparing for end-of-unit group presentation
  • Reading and library time

State Standards: Listed here should be any state standards your state may require you to address at a particular grade level such as the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) document.

National Standards and Benchmarks: Listed here should be standards suggested by the aforementioned documents.

Assessment: What students produce will depend on the activity assigned to the station. They may have a completed assignment from a previously assigned task, a completed spreadsheet/chart/graph, notes from library books or resources.