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Topic: Properties of the Ocean

Theme: Interactions


The student is expected to:

  • describe some cycles, structures, and processes that are found in a simple system (*5.5-A)
  • describe some interactions that occur in a simple system (*5.5-B),
  • identify and describe a system that results from the combination of two or more systems(*6.5-A),
  • describe how the properties of a system are different from the properties of its parts (*6.5-B),
  • describe components of the atmosphere, including oxygen, nitrogen, and water vapor and,
  • identify the role of atmospheric movement in weather change (*6.14-C).
  • analyze effects of regional erosional deposition and weathering (*7.14-B),
  • describe interactions among solar, weather, and ocean systems (*8.10-B),
  • relate the role of oceans to climatic changes (*8.12-B).

* Refers to the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills for science.