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Topic: Properties of the Ocean

Theme: Systems and Structures


The student is expected to:

  • represent the natural world using models and identify their limitations (*5.3-C, 6.3-C, 7.3-C & 8.3-C),
  • identify changes that can occur in the physical properties of the ingredients of solutions such as dissolving of minerals in water (*5.7-C).
  • demonstrate that new substances can be made when two or more substances are chemically combined and compare the properties of the new substances to the original substances(*6.7-A),
  • explain and illustrate the interactions between matter and energy in the water cycle (*6.8-B),
  • classify substances by their physical and chemical properties (*6.7-B),
  • predict land features resulting from gradual changes such as mountain building, beach erosion, land subsidence, and continental drift (*8.14 B),
  • describe how human activities have modified water quality (*8.14-C).

* Refers to the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills for science.