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Winds Over the Ocean

CoastWatch Caribbean Real-Time Winds ( This interface displays near real-time wind data from a variety of sensors. You can click and drag the mouse on either of the displayed maps to select the area of interest.

Florida State University Wind Datasets ( The RVSMDC, located at the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies on the campus of the Florida State University, collects, quality-controls, archives, and distributes surface meteorological observations from international research vessels. Available data include observations made by nearly-continuous automated recording system and ship bridge crews.


Winds From many Sources (

Winds From ERS-2 (

Winds From SSM/I (

QuikScat Winds North Atlantic Maps (

QuikScat Winds Northeast Pacific Maps (

QuikScat Winds Gulf Stream Region Maps (

QikScat Winds American Tropics Maps (

QuikScat Winds Hawaii Region Maps (

Quickscat Daily Wind Maps, archived wind maps (

Seawinds on Quickscat Daily Maps ( This collection of pages contain output from several processors of two broad types: 'overlays' and 'animations.

Quickscat archive of daily wind maps (

TRMM Microwave Imager Maps of Temperature, Rain, Water Vapor, and Wind (


Revised on: 04 February 2005