El Niño

El Niño Advisory: Latest Forecasts

El Niño Forecasts - Current El Niņo and La Niņa related climate predictions and forecasts

ENSO Web of Lamont Dougherty Geophysical Observatory of Columbia University - A comprehensive site with background and current information on the El Niņo-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), El Niņo and La Niņa.

Florida State University Center for Ocean Atmosphere Prediction Studies - COAPS performs research in air-sea interaction, ocean, and coupled air-sea modeling, climate prediction on scales of months to decades, statistical studies and predictions of social economic consequences of the ocean-atmospheric variations.

International Research Institute for Climate Prediction - The mission of the IRI is to enhance society's capability to understand, anticipate and manage the impacts of seasonal climate fluctuations, in order to improve human welfare and the environment, especially in developing countries. This mission is to be conducted through strategic and applied research, education and capacity building, and provision of forecast and information products, with an emphasis on practical and verifiable utility and partnerships.

NOAA - The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) conducts research and gathers data about the global oceans, atmosphere, space, and sun, and applies this knowledge to science and service that touch the lives of all Americans.

Jason and Topex/Poseidon Observations of El Nino - The data from TOPEX/Poseidon, and in the future Jason-1, helps us study and understand the complex interactions between the oceans and the atmosphere which affect global weather and climate events.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography's El Niño Forecasts

University of Texas Equatorial Page using Topex/Poseidon data

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration El Niño Page - El Niņo is a disruption of the ocean-atmosphere system in the Tropical Pacific having important consequences for weather and climate around the globe. NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which has primary responsibilities for providing forecasts to the Nation, and a leadership role in sponsoring El Niņo observations and research.

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