Ice Concentration in Arctic and Antarctic

Latest maps of sea ice concentration from the SSM/I radiometer - NSIDC offers a wide variety of sea ice products derived from passive microwave sensors and other sources. Here we help you select the sea ice product that best suits your research needs.

National Snow and Ice Data Center Data Page - The National Snow and Ice Data Center offers hundreds of data products and services to researchers, commercial applications users, and others worldwide, most often at no cost, thanks to the generosity of our data providers.

NASA Near-Real-Time Image Distribution Service - NEREIDS is a near-real-time image distribution server. This server provides satellite browse images within 24 hours of capture and keeps the data in a short-term rolling store. The images on this server are either generated using data acquired directly from a satellite ground processing system, or are acquired from other data providers. For some images we also provide an option to download the binary data files used to create the images.

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