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NOAA NCEP Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch Operational means that the product in question is part of or is approved for the official production suite. Operational products receive full institutional support. The web distribution of these products from this system is not on operational status.

Energy from waves Offshore Floating Wave Energy Device
Mighty Whale at Japanese Marine Science Technology Center
Wave energy is an indirect and condensed form of solar energy. Several challenging engineering problems need to be solved before this nonpolluting renewable energy source can be utilized on land and/or at sea.

Wave Refraction at JAWS Hawaii November, 1998 issue of National Geographic Magazine , there is an article by Joel Achenbach about on a surfing area off the north shore of Maui called Jaws. About twelve times a year, the wave conditions are just right for the occurrence of extremely large waves at Jaws. Surfers and wind surfers are shown on the Jaws Maui Web page , riding these monster waves.

US Navy Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center provides a gateway to many different types of marine forecasts.

OceanWeather Has real-time maps of wind and waves for all ocean basins.

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