Winds Over the Ocean

CoastWatch Caribbean Real-Time Winds This interface displays near real-time wind data from a variety of sensors. You can click and drag the mouse on either of the displayed maps to select the area of interest.

Florida State University Wind Datasets The RVSMDC, located at the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies on the campus of the Florida State University, collects, quality-controls, archives, and distributes surface meteorological observations from international research vessels. Available data include observations made by nearly-continuous automated recording system and ship bridge crews.

Monterey Bay: Monthly maps of winds


Winds From many Sources

Winds From ERS-2

Winds From SSM/I

QuikScat Winds North Atlantic Maps

QuikScat Winds Northeast Pacific Maps

QuikScat Winds Gulf Stream Region Maps

QikScat Winds American Tropics Maps

QuikScat Winds Hawaii Region Maps

Maps of Wind Over Galveston Bay

Quickscat Daily Wind Maps, archived wind maps

Seawinds on Quickscat Daily Maps This collection of pages contain output from several processors of two broad types: 'overlays' and 'animations.

Quickscat archive of daily wind maps

TRMM Microwave Imager Maps of Temperature, Rain, Water Vapor, and Wind

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