Oceanography in the 21st Century - An Online Textbook
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Environmental Science in the 21st Century

A New Online Environmental Science Book for College Students

This book contains material used for an Environmental Geoscience course for first-year college students interested in majoring in the subject.

Overarching Themes

  1. Earth System Science
  2. The Anthropocene
  3. Tragedy of the Commons
  4. Shifting Baselines

Global Environmental Issues: Climate Change

  1. The Ocean and Climate
  2. The CO2 Problem
  3. Evidence for Global Warming
  4. Earth's Radiation Balance
  5. The Carbon Cycle, the Ocean, and the Iron Hypothesis
  6. Microbial Food Web
  7. Abrupt Climate Change
  8. Modeling the Climate System
  9. Climate Change Policy Issues

Water Issues: Groundwater

  1. The Hydrological Cycle
  2. Groundwater
  3. Groundwater Contamination
  4. Groundwater Remediation

Shared Resources

  1. How to find Useful Material on the Web
  2. Coastal Zone
  3. Energy

Air Pollution and Ozone Depletion

  1. Atmospheric Structure and Pollution Sources
  2. Atmospheric pollutants
  3. Stratospheric Ozone and the Ozone Hole
  4. Acid Rain and Acidic Deposition
  5. Case Study: Texas Air Quality

Land Use and Degradation

  1. Land Degradation and Arid Regions
  2. Desertification in the Sahel
  3. Aeolian Transport of Sand and Dust
  4. The Dust Bowl and Aftermath
  5. Dustiest Places on Earth–Dead and Dying Seas

Coastal Environmental Issues and Degradation

  1. Introduction to Coastal Pollution
  2. Sources of Coastal Pollution
  3. Alien Species
  4. Fisheries Issues
  5. Fisheries Policy Issues
  6. Storm Surges
  7. Coastal Erosion
  8. Coastal Issues

Please Note – I am still writing this book. Some pages are not quite complete.

Open Source Textbook

Want to contribute? Many of you who are using this material in your classes can write web pages better than I, or you may want to include important new material. Here's your opportunity. I would like to make the textbook an open source document open to contributions from all. If you write a section, I will add it to the book and put your name on the contribution. Contact me at stewart@ocean.tamu.edu for more information.


Funding for this book comes partly from the State of Texas who pay my salary as a professor of oceanography at Texas A&M University, and partly from contract 1205046 with U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Jet Propulsion Laboratory which funds the production of educational material. This is their gift to the students and citizens of the world.

Revised on: 28 July, 2009

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