After looking at many educational sites and challenging them against our criteria, we have come up with a top list of sites. Don't get us wrong, this list is nowhere near complete. It is just a working list of what we have found so far.

Athena logoAthena is full of lesson plans and teaching materials for grades K-12 on space, Earth, oceans, and weather. Also contains wonderful teacher information on using the Web and incorporating it into the classroom.


Nye Laboratories logoBill Nye, the Science Guy, is stocked with daily experiments and teaching materials. This site focuses on various topics in life, physical and planetary sciences. Also, past aired shows are indexed based on science area covered.


Discovery Channel School logoThe Discovery Channel School has seasonal themes, which offer a variety of teaching resources for many subject areas. Each theme comes equipped with an overview, list of programs, complete classroom activities, online links, discussion forum, and related catalog products.


Aeronautics Internet Textbook Logo K8 covers several areas of aeronautics for classroom use. There are links for the textbook, curriculum bridges, lesson plans, activities, and many other helpful outlets. The textbook is offered in Spanish and for varying reading levels.


Franklin Institute logoThe Franklin Institute Science Museum offers a very comprehensive unit on Living Things. Starting with the individual, this site works its way up through families, neighborhoods, and the circle of life. Each level explores its subject, giving background information and hands on activities.


GEM Logo The Gateway to Educational Materials is a consortium effort to provide educators with quick and easy access to thousands of educational resources found on various federal, state, university, non-profit, and commercial Internet sites. Educators, parents, administrators can search or browse The Gateway and find thousands of high quality educational materials, including lesson plans, activities, and projects.


Science Education Gateway logo The Science Education Gateway provides teachers with teaching materials dealing with Earth, space, the sun, weather, light, cycles, or the Solar System. A very exciting site that offers online lesson plans and classroom activities for immediate use.


Learning Web logoUSGS has put together a very interesting site looking closely at global change, maps, and Earth science. Different grade levels are offered different activities and information. Teachers can even access their own online guide.


Volcano World logo Volcano World is a NASA sponsored site that spans every facet of volcanoes imaginable. This site is set up for immediate use in the classroom.


Whale Net logo WhaleNet focuses on whales and marine research. It is sponsored by Wheelock College in Boston Massachusetts with support from the National Science Foundation. This site offers information for students, teachers, and the public. It is also available in different languages,


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