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SeaWIFS Real Time Satellite Imagery - Bermuda

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Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc.

Here are sea surface temperature and cloud maps of the region near Bermuda taken by a satellite. The images are from the recent pass of the SeaWiFS satellite over Bermuda. To see more on sea temperature contours from around the globe, go to this site:


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SeaWIFS Project Image Archive

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The seawifs project imagery archive page contains different sites that provide you information about the ocean. You can find real-time data in the link to The World at 4 Kilometers; This site shows you the world through satellite imagery. You can click the big map and go to sub-regions were you may see a desire area in detail.


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SSEC Data Center

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Space Science Engineering Center - University of Wisconson

In SSEC site you find a variety of links to different pages which show actual satellite images for North America, Western Hemisphere, and Eastern Pacific Ocean. Composite satellite, volcano watch, sea surface temperature data and images are also on this site. The information is being updated on a regular basis (one daily, every 3 to 6 hrs. or every 30 mins). EXCELLENT!


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