Educational Issues

These pages address some of the issues connected with using technology in today's classrooms.

starfishThe Well Connected Teacher: Publishing Center and Forum - The Global Schoolhouse has put together a very useful site for educators looking at using technology in their instruction. One of the sections available at the site is a publishing center and forum. Here an educator will find "articles by teachers, administrators, parents, and community members that provide the success stories, models, strategies, and specific examples of how to use technology for teaching and learning."


starfish From Now On: The Educational Technology Journal - This journal can be subscribed to for free and looks at several different aspects and issues of educational technology. The site offers a variety of links depending on a teachers interests. "Educational technology in support of Engaged Learning. Educational technology which enables students to make up their own minds."


starfish Should Schools be Wired to the Internet? - Time magazine ran two articles on this issue, one for school technology and one against school technology. The against article is entitled "No--Learn First, Surf Later" and is written by By David Gelernter. The for article is entitled "Yes--It's Essential to the Way Kids Learn" and is written by Vice President Al Gore. An interesting debate.



starfish School Internet Policy and Handbook - Conroe ISD in Texas has put together a thorough set of web pages looking into the school policies and issues on using the Internet. There are pages on board policy, both elementary and secondary student Internet handbooks, and a teacher Internet handbook. In addition to the handbooks, there are quizzes to check for understanding on the policies. Pretty handy site to know about and to refer to for the technical aspect of school Internet policy.

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