World-Wide Web Introduction

Web Scavenger Hunt - Learn the Web through using the Web. Athena, a wonderful Earth science website sponsored by NASA, has put together a neat scavenger hunt for teachers and students to use in order to get accustomed to using the Internet. The site send a user to look at current events, sports and entertainment, resources and museums, education sites, real-time data sites, and takes them on web searches. A great idea!

Web Searches

The LRC Guide to Search Engines - This site takes a user through the use of search engines and tells a little about the search engines used for the Web.

Search Engines -

Google -

Alta Vista -

Excite -

Hot Bot -

Infoseek -

Lycos -

Yahoo -


A Pocket Guide To Eric - "This booklet describes the resources available through ERIC and serves as a quick reference for answers to the most commonly asked questions." There are seven different areas of ERIC that are addressed and targeted to avoid any further user questions.

Surfing the Net with Kids Online Index - Barbara Feldman, a teacher, has put together a great site for educational kids stuff on the web. This is what she has to say about it, "There are many sites to choose from on the Internet, but searching for educational content takes patience. Maybe getting there is supposed to be half the fun, but for my kids, it's the destination that counts. Here are my favorite destination sites for kids. They are reviewed, rated and organized by topic."

Teacher Chat Rooms and Listserves

Classroom Connect

Discovery School - Discovery School has a very helpful and handy listserve for teachers to send questions to or ask for ideas at. The questions and comments are then sent out to those on the list for comment and solutions to the other teachers requests.

Web 66

Teachers Net

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