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Question 1. Fisheries Biology is the study of:

1. Ocean phenomena
2. Fish in their natural habitat and their utilization for the needs of humans
3. Fishing techniques used by fisherpeople
4. Plankton

Question 2: Most sea life:

1. Lives in the top 150 meters (500 feet) of the ocean.
2. Lives on the sea floor
3. Lives in the great ocean basins
4. Is evenly dispersed throughout the depths of the ocean.

Question 3: Fisheries are affected by:

1. Climate Change
2. Red tides
3. Overfishing
4. All of the above

Question 4: Red tides, in most cases, are:

1. A natural process
2. Caused by pollution

Question 5: By-catch refers to:

1. Fish caught by pulling a net by your boat.
2. Overfishing
3. Fish that are harvested (caught) by a fishery, but not sold
or kept for personal use.
4. A climate phenomenon

Question 6: One of the world's richest fisheries is off the coast of Peru. Many biologists fear this anchoveta (anchovies) fishery is on the verge of collapse due to:

1. predation pressure on the anchoveta from humans
2. predation pressure on the anchoveta from large fish
3. the injurious effects of intense El Niño episodes
4. all of the above

Question 7: A recent study on the Red Snapper fishery of the Gulf of Mexico revealed two major problems. Which of the following is not a major problem of the fishery?:

1. The fishery is severely overfished which reduces the number of fish stock.
2. The fishery is severely underfished thus allowing fish to reproduce
at a rate faster than their available food source.
3. The fishery is suffering from the effects of by-catch.
4. none of the above

Question 8: Alaskan Salmon harvests are plentiful at times and not so plentiful at other times. Scientists believe this may be a result of:

1. Ocean temperature changes
2. Dams
3. Red tides
4. Spear fishing

Question 9: The California sardine fishery, the Newfoundland cod fishery, and the king crab fisheries of the Bering Sea are examples of :

1. Well-managed fisheries
2. The tragedy of overfishing.

Question 10: Reefs are being exploited with the use of :

1. Scuba diving equipment
2. Dynamite
3. Spear fishing
4. 2 & 3

Question 11: The diversity and abundance of sea life can also be affected by:

1. global warming (Greenhouse effect).
2. pollution.
3. Orbiting satellite altimeters
4. 1 & 2

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