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Question 1. Jason-1 is named for:

1. a famous astronaut.
2. a hero of Greek mythology.
3. the person who is paying for it.
4. it's creator.

Question 2. The Jason-1 satellite is equipped with some pretty sophisticated instruments. Which piece of the following equipment is not on Jason-1?

1. a radiometer
2. an altimeter
3. a laser retroreflector array
4. a scanning electron microscope

Question 3. If the radiowaves sent out by the altimeter are gone for 0.03 seconds, how high is the altimeter?

1. 4,500,000 meters
2. 2,700,000 meters
3. 9,500,000 meters
4. 18,000,000 meters

Question 4. What kind of images of Earth does the radiometer make?

1. x-ray
2. infrared
3. solar
4. Polaroid

Question 5. Knowing the topography of the ocean helps people to do all of the following except?

1. predict the weather
2. fish more efficiently
3. track sea bird migration
4. find objects on the ocean floor

Question 6. The heat in the top three meters of the ocean is equal to ?

1. the heat stored in the whole atmosphere
2. the heat stored in all the rest of the ocean
3. the heat stored in the whole hydrospere
4. the heat of one volcanic eruption

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