Topic: Currents and Ocean Circulation
Theme: Energy


The student is expected to:

  • identify and describe a system that results from the combination of two or more systems [wind & ocean] (*6.5-A),
  • describe how the properties of a system are different from the properties of its parts (*6.5-B),
  • identify and describe the changes in position, direction of motion, and speed of an object when acted upon by force (*6.6-A),
  • demonstrate that changes in motion can be measured and graphically represented (*6.6-B),
  • describe components of the atmosphere, including oxygen, nitrogen, and water vapor, and identify the role of atmospheric movement in weather change (*6.14-C),
  • demonstrate how unbalanced forces cause changes in the speed or direction of an object's motion (*8.7-A).

* Refers to the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills for science.