Topic: El Niño
Theme: Energy


The student is expected to:

  • describe some cyles, structures, and processes that are found in a simple system (*5.5A).
  • explain and illustrate the interactions beween matter/ocean water and energy/heat and wind (*6.8B).
  • explain how the distribution of heat during an El Niño affects the environment (*6.9).
  • identify the role of atmospheric movement in weather change (*6.14C).
  • identify responses in organisms to external stimuli such as the presence or absence of heat during El Niño (*6.12B).
  • describe how the ocean system may reach an equilibrium such as when El Niño occurs (*7.5A).
  • analyze how natural events (such as El Niño) may have contributed to the extinction of some species (8.14C).

* Refers to the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills for science.