Topic: Change
Theme: Fisheries

The Power of a Song can be amazing! Singers over the years have addressed many political and social issues through their music and words. John Denver and Stevie Wonder are just two such artists.

Rocky Mountain High*, written and sung by John Denver, was instrumental in the early 70's, some say, in the decision to not bring the Winter Olympics to Colorado. Part of the mountains would have been blasted to make way for competitional ski runs. The song accomplished it's goal. I Want to Live was written to call attention to the deccimation of whales by the whaling industry. To honor Jacque Cousteau and his crew in their efforts to explore the ocean, Mr. Denver wrote and sang Calypso*.

*For copies of these song lyrics go to:


Your mission is to check out sites like the one below and find out what the issues are for the Fisheries.

Choose one of the following as a way to call "needed" attention to an area connected with the fisheries:

  1. Write a "rap" or a "song" that tells the issue,
  2. Write a "poem" that makes the reader aware of the plight, or
  3. Write a "feature story" aimed at getting public support for your cause.

TIPS: Listen to songs written by people concerned with not only our ocean, but other wild places as well. This will help you in getting started. Check with the Admiral (teacher). He or she may have some examples for you. A short list of some such songs are listed at the end of this mission assignment.

Include references/sources as to where you found information on the issue being addressed in your literary efforts.


Successful completition of this mission will result in a completed rap, song, poem, or story with listed references or sources citing issues addressed in the work.

Some More Resources:

  • THE FISHERMAN SONG - Words and Music by Judy Collins
  • WIND, WATER, FIRE, AND STONE - Words and Music by Judy Collins
  • FAREWELL TO TARWAITHIE - Words and Music adapted by Judy Collins
  • THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS - Lyrics and Music by Stevie Wonder


Lesson Ideas created/adapted by Margaret Hammer (Graduate Research Assistant) and Judith Kenworthy (Technology Mentor Fellowship Associate) Texas A&M University. All comments and questions can be directed to stewart@ocean.tamu.edu