Topic: Fisheries
Theme: Systems and Structures

To save the fisheries, we must first understand its system/s and structure. A "TOP SECRET" video was air-dropped on board that might aid in our search for understanding and solutions to the problems facing the world's fisheries. Please view the video in the Ship's Library.

PLANKTON: OCEAN DRIFTERS - video (11 min.), produced by Oceanic Research Group, distributed by THE VIDEO PROJECT, 1 (800)-4-PLANET, e-mail: videoproject@videoproject.org


Your mission (should you decide to accept it) is to go where few humans have gone before and seek out answers to the following questions:

  • What are the components of an ocean ecosystem?
  • What abiotic (non-living) factors affect the fisheries?
    Can we assume that an absence or change in those
    factors will lead to the collapse of an ecosystem or fishery?

  • What biotic (living) factors affect the fisheries?

Discover the "Circle of Life" in the ocean ecosystem and describe intra-actions (actons within) of the living ecosystem.


You will be assessed on the "depth"(just a play on words here) of your work. In other words, how complete is the picture you paint for us. It is your choice as to how you convey this information. You may include graphics or drawings to enhance your presentation. Include a reference page of all sources of information.

Lesson Ideas created/adapted by Margaret Hammer (Graduate Research Assistant) and Judith Kenworthy (Technology Mentor Fellowship Associate) Texas A&M University. All comments and questions can be directed to stewart@ocean.tamu.edu