Technology-Lab Station #3 & #4:

Manipulatives (Teams)

Note: We have set up two "Manipulative" stations with separate activities to accommodate a larger number of hands-on labs.

Description: The manipulative station provides objects, experimental learning material, and hands-on building projects to accomplish learning goals. These activities help student learn how to think in a concrete way. Providing hands-on, inquiry-based opportunities for students to enhance their understanding of science concepts is a goal of this station. Sharing resources helps students to develop interpersonal skills. Students also have have an opportunity to apply creative thinking and problem-solving techniques.

Student Materials: Materials needed will depend on topic of study.

Station Equipment and Materials: This will vary according to the topic/subject matter.

Activities: Activities will vary according to topic/subject matter. The activities will be designed for hands-on, experiential learning.

State Standards: Listed here should be any state standards your state may require you to address at a particular grade level such as the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) document.

National Standards and Benchmarks: Listed here should be standards suggested by the aforementioned documents.

Assessment: Students will usually have a finished product such as a lab sheet or an experiment product. Rubrics are useful for scoring.

Technology Lab Station #3 & #4


Student Materials

Station Equipment