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Question 1. What is coral?

  1. an animal
  2. a plant
  3. a fungus
  4. a bacteria

Question 2. Coral have:

  1. fins
  2. gills
  3. stinging tentacles
  4. Chevrolets

Question 3. Where do coral build their homes?

  1. near hydrothermal vents
  2. in the middle of kelp forests
  3. on a hard surface in shallow water
  4. 10 miles east of Chicago

Question 4. What does nocturnal mean?

  1. awake at night instead of during the day
  2. awake during the day instead of at night
  3. awake only in the summer
  4. noisy

Question 5. What do coral polyps eat?

  1. crabs
  2. tuna
  3. each other
  4. plankton

Question 6. What terrestrial ecosystem are coral reefs most like?

  1. rainforests
  2. deserts
  3. mountains
  4. plains

Question 7. Which of these is not a type of coral reef?

  1. atoll
  2. barrier
  3. fringing
  4. peninsular

Question 8. Two organisms have a symbiotic relationship when:

  1. they eat each other.
  2. they help each other.
  3. they mate with each other.
  4. they go out dancing together.

Question 9. What makes coral reefs bleach?

  1. They get too big.
  2. There are too many fish.
  3. The temperature and salinity in the water changes.
  4. They want to be camouflaged with the ocean floor.

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