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Agglutinated Foram Tests

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Benthic foram collected offshore California. Test is composed of volcanic glass shards. Notice the different grain sizes, shapes and compositions.
(Credit: Alicé Davis (c) 2003 MBARI, used by permission)

Textularia agglutinans,
Specimen collected from the Florida Keys. Notice the tiny grains forming the test. Grains are different sizes but the same composition.
(Credit: Heidi Crevison Souder; used by permission Foraminifers as Bioindicators website, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg)

Technitella legumen,
This test is composed of sponge spicules (SiO2) collected by the foram from the sea floor. Full view is shown on top. Close-up view of test wall shown on the bottom. (Images from the Foram Gallery , used by permission Dr. Leonid Polyak, Ohio State University)

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Revised on: January 3, 2005