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Question 1. What is a foram?

Answer: A Unicellular creature that secretes a test is a Foram

Question 2. Where can forams be found?

Answer: Forams are only found in the deep ocean - by deep we mean far from any shore

Question 3. What does benthic mean?

Answer: Benthic means bottom-dwelling. Benthic Foraminifera are those forams which live along the ocean bottom.

Question 4. What can be determined by examing foram fossils?

Answer: All of the above can be determined by studying forams: the age of sediment, past current patterns, and the location of underwater oil-bearing layers.

Question 5. Can understanding past conditions help to predict future conditions?

Answer: Understanding past conditions is key to understanding future ones

Question 6. What is a test?

Answer: A test is both a protective covering and defense mechanism of forams

Question 7. Which of the following could compose a test?

Answer: A test could be composed of any of the following: silica, calcium carbonate, rock and sand debris.

Question 8. Foram evolution does not correlate with similar creatures.

Answer: False, forams correlate very strongly with the evolution of other creatures

Question 9. Ice Ages affect forams environment.

Answer: True, Ice Ages do affect forams environments

Question 10. The exact age of forams can not be determined.

Answer: False, ratio-isotope studies on elements such as radioactive carbon present in the fossilized forams can be used to estimate their age